Custom brushes

Producing custom-made brushes has always been a prerogative of the Nuova F.lli Dondi brush factory. We focus on the customer who rightly requires a customized product designed only for its application.

We provide our support and our design experience to create a tailor-made brush that allows you to optimize the required operation in all automatic machines.

The latest systems installed in the company produce customized shapes that adapt to any situation and application.

For your professional machine, choose our bespoke brushes.

The variables that come into play in the design of bespoke brushes are many and it is not for everyone to know the materials and their interaction in depth.

We can customize the shape of the mold, adapt the drilling to the material of the bristles, modify the inclination of the tufts and their consistency by varying the diameter of the wire. We use the best materials according to the use of the brush, even for particular applications or for food use.

Courier-proof packaging!

The packaging of the brushes is a delicate step because inside the boxes we cannot allow the bristles to undergo pressure that could affect the correct functioning of the brush at the time of its use.

For this reason we have taken every precaution to correctly support the brush inside the box to make it arrive at its destination in the same conditions as when it left our production department.

Custom brushes

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