Disc brushes

The circular disc brushes are built on a plastic or wooden support according to the customer’s requests.

There are standard sizes, but on request we can supply customized products according to the size of the machine housing and particular filaments according to the use of the brush.

Brushes for floor cleaning machines

In the brushes for floor cleaning machines, with circular or front discs, we have the possibility to apply various filaments with a standard arrangement of tufts or at the request of the customer.

By varying the arrangement, length and material of the bristles, the fields of application become unlimited.

Possibility to insert drive flanges for single disc and scrubber machines.

We are able to produce spare parts for all scrubbing machines on the market.

Patented circular disc brushes

BrevettataNew F.lli Dondi has developed a patent for the arrangement of the tufts of bristles in order to obtain circular brushes that are able to better reach small cavities and disconnections and more effectively remove dirt and impurities in general.

The effect obtained thanks to the rotating movement of the brush in combination with the particular arrangement of the tufts multiplies the effectiveness of the brush.

The patented disc brushes are particularly suitable for floor cleaning, single disc and scrubbing machines.

Patented disc brushes


Producing and purchasing counterfeit products protected by patents is an offense against intellectual property that involves criminal and administrative sanctions.
Technical information
Disc brushes
Standard measures

L height of the support ≥ 10 mm
B Ø of the support = from 40 mm to 1500 mm
P bristle height = from 8 mm to 130 mm (standard)
On request we can produce brushes with bristle height up to 340 mm
T diameter of bristle holes = 4 – 6 – 8 mm
Supported filaments = Polypropylene, Nylon, Abrasive (Tynex), Polyester, Tampico, Horsehair, Steel, Flat

Personalized circular disc brush

We produce disc brushes according to the customer’s project.

To determine the technical characteristics of the desired product, it is necessary to contact the technical office and specify the use to be carried out by the brush, the material of the bristles and the cylindrical support, finally the measurements shown in the diagram.

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