STARTER KIT for resellers

Check the quality of our products with a small order

We offer 4 STARTER KIT with various types of samples to choose from. They contain a basic assortment to appreciate the quality of the products we produce. Choose the kit based on the type of customer you want to please.


  • n.2 – 330Modena brooms
  • n.2 – 430Modena brooms


  • n.1 – 330Modena broom
  • n.1 – 430Modena broom
  • n.1 – FILL dustpan
  • n.1 – ECO broom
  • n.1 PICK shovel


  • n.2 – DINAMIC professional brooms
  • n.1 – STATIC professional broom


  • n.2 – DINAMIC professional brooms
  • n.1 – STATIC professional broom
  • n.1 – CLASSIC LIGHT broom
  • n.1 – Shovel with sheath
  • n.1 FILL ergonomic dustpan

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    You can buy now the best items of this catalog also by registering on the website Our b2b dedicated to sector operators, retailers and the public. Each broom we present can also be equipped with spare brushes for replacement when it should wear out.