Modular roller brush system with standard sectors

Standard measurements
standard cylindrical modular brush

With the modular sectional brushes it is possible to build your own cylindrical brush by assembling the right number of sectors.

The standard modular cylindrical brush has the best value for money as it is formed by a molded support, and produced with three types of central hole 22/25/30 mm; two densities of tufts of bristles 48 and 88 tufts; external bristle diameters between 60 mm and 430 mm with bristles from 0.15 to 1 mm.

They can be used individually using the 5 mm key, or they can be used in groups up to the desired length. In this case it is not necessary to have the key in the shaft, but it will be sufficient to assemble the sectors by making the projection present in the coupling face coincide with the corresponding cavity and block the assembly “in pack” by means of threaded ring nuts or clamp flanges.

On shafts longer than 2000 mm it is recommended to use “section breaker” supports in order not to compromise the effectiveness of the brush and avoid unwanted bending.

For uncompromising cleaning, we recommend fitting, if possible, the rotation axis slightly oblique with respect to the passage of the products to compensate for the non-compact bristle arrangement in the longitudinal direction of the brush.

Although they do not have the same performance as a cylindrical design brush or patented brushes, the brushes made up of standard modular sectors solve various problems; not least that of making prototypes or carrying out experimental tests at limited costs.

In the case of specific requests we can change the arrangement of the bristles or evaluate the transition to a more technical product.

Technical information for products in the catalog
H = Ø Cylinder hole L = Cylinder length B = Ø Cylinder P = Bristle height T = Ø Tuft Tufts density
22 mm 30 mm 50 mm 10 ÷ 190 mm 4 mm 48 / 88
25 mm 30 mm 50 mm 10 ÷ 190 mm 4 mm 48 / 88
30 mm 30 mm 60 mm 10 ÷ 190 mm 4 mm 48 / 88

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