Modular brushes with inclined sectors

patented modular sector brushes

This modular sector version is a hybrid between the standard sector and the patented tilting movement sector.

The bristles are perpendicular, but arranged on an elliptical plane. This arrangement allows a surface to be cleaned completely, despite the spacing between the ellipses of bristles which is compensated and surmounted when the brush starts to rotate.

A brush composed of modular sectors with an inclined support can be mounted orthogonal or oblique with respect to the surface, unlike the standard modular sectors which should be mounted on an oblique axis.

Like all modular sectors, these too require a supporting traction shaft. However, it will be possible to assemble brushes with important lengths as it starts from a traction axis diameter of 25 mm and reaches an axis diameter of 100 mm (see table).

The densities of the bristles are two: medium and dense.

It is possible to insert bristles of different qualities and sections, with a standard projection from 10 mm to 140 mm and in some cases up to 190 mm.

The support already used to build our patented brushes has a considerable thickness, certainly oversized for the type of product but gives the brush a sturdy structure and high quality technical qualities.

These supports are self-dragging thanks to their shape, it will be sufficient to prevent them from moving apart by means of a final fixing element.

For the conformation of the brush it is necessary to have the possibility of overflowing a few centimeters more on each side of the surface to be cleaned.

Technical information – Modular brushes with inclined sectors in the catalog
L = Cylinder length B = Ø Cylinder H = Ø Cylinder hole
-0 +0.25
T = Ø Tufts Tufts density Tufts density P = Bristle height
40 55 25 4 media fitta 10 ÷ 190
43 60 30 4 media fitta 10 ÷ 190
51 70 40 4 media fitta 10 ÷ 190
58 80 50 4 media fitta 10 ÷ 190
65 90 60 4 media fitta 10 ÷ 190
80 110 75 4 media fitta 10 ÷ 190
80 110 80 4 media fitta 10 ÷ 190
94 130 100 4 media fitta 10 ÷ 190

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