Flat punched industrial brushes

Flat punched industrial brushes

Flat punched brushes and strip brushes are used for countless fields of use. Unlike circular brushes, these flat brushes move with longitudinal movements or are used as a support to support a product, as for example in assembly lines, in automatic machines, in labeling machines and in conveyor rollers.

The support is usually made of plastic or wood, with the application of various types of filaments.

The tufts can be perpendicular or inclined according to the particular needs of each customer.

This type of flat brush can be completely customized according to the customer’s design with perpendicular or inclined bristles, or the customer can adapt the project to a model already in production.

Technical information
customized flat punched industrial brush
Possible standard measures

X media width = 15mm to 600mm
Y maximum length of the support = 2300 mm
L thickness of the substrate ≥ 10 mm
P Bristle height = from 10 mm to 290 mm
T diameter of bristle holes = 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 mm

Custom flat or strip brush

We produce flat or slat brushes based on the customer’s project.

To determine the technical characteristics of the desired product, it is necessary to contact the technical office and specify the use to be carried out by the brush, the material of the bristles and the cylindrical support, and finally the measurements shown in the diagram.

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