Flexible drive belt brush with “A”, “B” and “C” profile

The flexible trapezoidal belt brush for transmission is a brush with heat-sealable support distributed in coils from which to take the necessary length and close it in a ring.

The brush is distributed in 3 standard sizes with standard bristle projection at 30 mm, the filament can be soft, medium or rigid.

The trapezoidal flexible strip brush is used on tangential brushing machines and can also be successfully used in the brushing of irregular surfaces and, arranged in parallel, for the transport of objects such as a conveyor belt.

Technical information
Flexible belt brush for transmission
Standard measures
Type X = Major base H = Height of the flexible belt P = Bristle length
A 13 mm 8 mm 30 mm
B 17 mm 11 mm 30 mm
C 22 mm 14 mm 30 mm

Type of filaments supported = Nylon of different hardnesses.

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