Patented cylindrical brushes

patented cylindrical brush
Patented arrangement of the bristles

Each cylindrical support can be set up with the patented arrangement of the tufts.

BrevettataThe different inclination of the groups of bristles in the patented version compared to the standard one, combined with the rotary motion of the cylinder, generates an oscillating movement that literally detaches residues and dirt.

The two combined movements that are obtained give the patented cylindrical brush an enormously higher efficiency than just the rotary movement of the standard cylindrical brushes.

Another advantage is that this movement generates less resistance therefore the brush wears less than the cylindrical one with the bristles arranged in a traditional way.


Producing and purchasing counterfeit products protected by patents is an offense against intellectual property that involves criminal and administrative sanctions.
Technical information
cylindrical brush on drawing
Possible standard measures

L = Length of the cylinder = from 20 mm to 3500 mm
B = Ø of the cylinder = from 40 mm to 300 mm
P = Bristle height = from 10 mm to 280 mm
T = Diameter of bristle holes = 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 mm

Type of filaments supported = Polypropylene, Nylon, Abrasive (Tynex), Polyester, Tampico, Horsehair, Steel

Custom cylindrical brush

We produce cylindrical brushes according to the customer’s project.

To determine the technical characteristics of the desired product, it is necessary to contact the technical office and specify the use to be carried out by the brush, the material of the bristles and the cylindrical support, finally the measurements shown in the diagram.

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