The partner for industrial machine manufacturers

Our company proposes itself as a partner for manufacturers of industrial automatic machines, producing technical brushes for specific purposes and custom brushes according to the specifications of the designer’s drawing.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to support your technicians and suggest improvements in the technical brushes to make them more performing both in form and in materials, placing us at your side to obtain innovative and functional solutions.
For companies that produce automatic cleaning machines or that need custom-made brushes, we are able to carry out samples and minimum batches, up to the industrialization of the product.

Our numerical control machines allow us a high productivity so as to support large loads of orders with maximum precision. The passion of the men who work at Nuova F.lli Dondi is always increasing, for years we have been involved with our customers in all kinds of sectors, arranging our brushes in incredible places.

It is this human factor that overcomes the difficulties of a project or an idea, contact us for your custom brushes and you will receive the advice of our experts in materials and production.

Custom brushes and technical brushes