Garden broom for individuals with large garden space

MODENA broom

Broom for private use to be used in the garden and large condominium spaces

The garden brooms guarantee great lightness and strength, the suggested combination (handle – sweeping base) is designed for the best balance for the most common use.
It is the cheapest and lightest professional broom, and is perfect as an “entry-level” solution for sweeping the yard or driveway at speed.

The MODENA broom is sold in 2 models: the first has a 33 cm sweeping base and an aluminum handle 145 cm long with a diameter of 25 mm. while the second model has a 43 cm long sweeper and a 150 cm long aluminum handle with a diameter of 30 mm.
Each broom is sold with a hook for hanging in the garage.

Once the garden broom has worn out, you can buy a new sweeping base like the previous one. Replacement is easy and you are immediately ready to start sweeping again.

Download the assembly instructions and the instructions and advice for use and maintenance to have a product that is always valid and increase its duration over time.


The MODENA broom is the lightest yard, parking or garden broom in its category and is always ready. The broom is fully washable and does not rust.