QUICK BLOCK patented system

QUICK BLOCK is the new highly versatile multi-support broom holder system, with a quick and safe coupling system.

The QUICK BLOCK basic elements can be purchased to better organize the tool magazine and can be applied in many points: cabinets, walls, corners, vehicles, trucks.
Patented brushThe multipurpose nature of the QUICK BLOCK system allows, for example, to set up the CLEVER trolley, rich in options, minimizing construction complexity. The collars are applied to the handles of brooms or hanging tools and with a simple intuitive movement the broom or tool is put away, directing it so as not to damage its shape. The main function that the broom holder performs, in fact, is the preservation of the bristles that must not rest on the ground in order not to lose their shape. A series of accessories hanging from the broom holder lasts much longer.

QUICK BLOCK system for setting up warehouses

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