Brooms for outdoors and large urban spaces


Variable and interchangeable inclination

In the Italian market of outdoor brooms supplied to municipal public administrations and facility management companies, the DINAMIC broom is positioned at the top of the category. The materials used and the patented particular design of the binding are chosen without compromise. Among the outdoor brooms we have the best results in terms of resistance and savings.

The correct method to reduce the angle between the handle and the sweeping part is to place a foot on the gray back of the outdoor broom and leverage the handle.
To increase the angle, place your foot on the front of the attachment and leverage the handle.
The sweeping part must be parallel to the ground to sweep with maximum efficiency.

During use, if excessive force is used, the broom snaps automatically and acoustically warns the user that he is applying too much pressure. Pushing excessively means making unnecessary effort and excessively consuming the sweeping part.

In the box, the detail of the DINAMIC coupling and of the adapter (green). The latter allows you to apply both a Ø 30 mm handle and a Ø 25 mm handle to the attachment.

To our outdoor brooms it is possible to apply bristle holders of cm. 34/40/45/50 with different types of bristles.
Possibility of applying handles Ø25 or Ø30 mm. with or without black cover.

DYNAMIC COUPLING: click system

The DINAMIC coupling allows the inclination of the handle to be varied at any time with respect to the sweeping part in relation to the height of the operator and the size of the work area.

One of the best outdoor brooms on the market.