Broom with fixed attachment suitable for courtyards and garden work


perfect for the garden

The VIRGOLA broom, created for outdoor use, is ideal for leaves, grass, and snow. Perfect, in size and weight, to be used in gardens, courtyards and parks of private homes.
VIRGOLA broom is excellent for quality, resistance and durability of the materials used. It is also light because it is made of aluminum, and has an ergonomic design.

The bristles of the sweeping part last a long time even if there is a wide availability of spare parts.

The fixed attachment is made of highly resistant plastic material even in the presence of strong temperature changes, it is integral with the handle by means of sturdy screws that prevent detachment and rotation during work.
The sweep is much wider than all the products on the market dedicated to occasional or non-professional use.

The VIRGOLA broom is easy to clean and is fully washable.