Patented quick coupling system

quick block system for setting up racks

Basic element of the QUICK BLOCK system

The system is based on this pair of pieces: a collar for the handle of the tools and a housing to be fixed to racks, cabinets, on the wall or on company vehicles.

There are 2 models of collar, one for the 25 mm diameter handle and one for the 30 mm diameter handle.

The fixing of these 2 elements in the appropriate position allows the tool to be placed so that its bristles never touch the ground and deform. If the bristles of a broom (any broom) are deformed by leaving it on the ground, it becomes unusable. Preserving the integrity and efficiency of tools is quick and easy with QUICK BLOCK. When you need the tool just slide it out of the housing and use it. The collar will not cause any discomfort.