Brooms for professional garbage collection

MOVING broom

Versatile and interchangeable

Intended for public facility management and professional ecological operators, these brooms for urban cleaning, guarantee ample room for maneuver and great customization to find the most convenient and comfortable working position.

The handle adjustment system allows the brooms to adapt to the height of the operator who can benefit from greater comfort. The duration and effectiveness of the attack put this article at the top of the category.

The correct method to reduce the angle between the handle and the sweeping part is to place a foot on the gray back of the broom and leverage the handle; vice versa, to increase the angle, place your foot on the front of the attachment and leverage the handle. The clutch allows a continuous and fluid movement that allows you to position the handle and sweeper in order to always have the bristles parallel to the ground.

In the box, the detail of the MOVING coupling system which the brooms are equipped with and the adapter for the handle. The latter allows you to quickly attach both a Ø 30 mm handle and a Ø 25 mm handle to the attachment.

Possibility of applying bristle holders of 34-40-45-50 cm with different types of bristles.
Possibility to apply handles Ø 25 or Ø 30 with or without the black cover.

MOVING COUPLING: friction system

The garbage brooms equipped with a MOVING connection can vary at any time the inclination of the handle with respect to the sweeping part in relation to the height of the operator and the size of the work area.