Brushes for automatic machines

The use of brushes in the world of automation and processes is vast and difficult to document due to the confidentiality of the producers.

Classifying all the purposes for which industrial brushes are used in automatic machines is useless because they are practically everywhere. The task performed by the brushes in automation is discreet and often impossible to perceive due to the speed of the machines and the hidden corners in which the brushes are relegated, but nevertheless their work is essential and precious in the general economy of the automatic machine.


The main role of a brush in an automatic machine comes down to keeping an area clean so that dirt or dust residues can accumulate and hinder the movement of mechanical parts. This role is as crucial as the precision of mechanical movements and the choice of a poor quality brush can affect the operation and wear of machinery worth thousands and thousands of euros.


In each automatic machine, the product being processed is made to advance on conveyor rollers, channeled into machicolations, sometimes held up to the right moment and contained within spaces and channels. These movements often have to take place with a “soft touch” and the bristles of the custom designed brushes are for you. The Nuova F.lli Dondi brush factory produces brushes on a project by the manufacturer of the automatic machine, suggesting the best components to perform the task assigned to the brush.

brushes for automatic machines