Brushes for the ceramic industry

We produce various types of brushes for the tile production chain.

Brushes for press trolleys

When pressing the earth to obtain the raw biscuit, it is important to keep the mold and the surrounding area clean from unwanted impurities and grains of dough.

After the pressure for the forming of the tile follows the unloading of the tile from the mold and the automatic brushing of the surface of the mold in order to receive the new dose of earth for the next pressing.

The brushes produced by the Nuova F.lli Dondi brush factory are high performance. The materials we use for the bristles minimize the remaining residue in the mold.

Brushes for the tile production line

Brushes for filtering and spreading are used from the earliest stages of ceramic production such as mixing the earths that make up the mixture and spreading the compound on the conveyor belts.