Brushes for processing metal surfaces

In the sheet metal working industry, brushes are mainly used to create sheet feeding mats.

The brushes used in the processing of metal sheets are also used in the processing of plastic sheets and precious wood. In general, these are flat brushes or strips in succession to form a uniform carpet capable of gently supporting the sheets that are sent to the processing tools.


The mats of brushes for the advancement of sheet metal, plastic or wood panels are made with flat brushes with low bristles ranging from 15 mm to 25 mm maximum. These bristles are calibrated to generate minimum friction.
If the panels to be operated are equipped with protrusions such as hinges or knobs, a carpet of brushes with higher and softer bristles is required.


The brush tables are made according to the measures of the craftsman and his needs. We use strips of brushes spaced a few centimeters from each other until the work surface is completed.

Brushes for processing metal surfaces


In the loading areas, the brushes are combined with the suction cups that take the first sheet from the pile of material to make the machine load one sheet instead of two. Separating sheets of polyester, polyurethane, but also metal or wood is difficult due to electrostatic charges or the “suction effect” caused by surface tension. The brushes arranged on the four sides help mechanically to leaf through and to let air in to separate the sheets by canceling the tension of the lower sheet to remain attached to the upper one.